Try Before You Buy

Buying a motorhome is a huge commitment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Our “Try Before You Buy” scheme is the ideal way for you to experience a motorhome holiday before you purchase your own motorhome.
Our “Try Before You Buy” scheme will give you the opportunity to experience a motorhome holiday without the financial commitment of purchasing a motorhome.

What can you expect when you “Try Before You Buy”?

Although it is unlikely that you can try the exact vehicle you are looking to purchase you can still learn a lot from a “Try Before You Buy” experience.

If you are a first time buyer a “Try Before You Buy” holiday will help you understand the benefits and experience of a motorhome break.  If it is really not for you it is best to find out before you purchase!
It is unlikely that you will be able to use the exact motorhome layout you are looking to purchase, however you can still learn a lot from the experience!  As you use the motorhome it will highlight elements of the layout you like and elements you don’t like, you should use these lessons and experience to influence you next motorhome purchase.
As Adria’s Premier UK Dealer our “Try Before You Buy” scheme offers you the opportunity to hire an Adria motorhome before you take the plunge.  This will help you understand the reasons why Adria Motorhomes are a great option,  you can experience the Adria build quality and specification first hand.

What if I subsequently choose to purchase a motorhome?

If you choose to purchase a motorhome from Family Travel Centre after you have taken a “Try Before You Buy” holiday then we will refund your hire costs.

As with all things there are some terms and conditions!  You need to purchase a new or used motorhome within 6 months of your return.  Proof of your motorhome hire from one of our Partner Providers will be required.  The maximum refund is £1,000.00.

How do I organise my “Try Before You Buy” Holiday?

Our “Try Before You Buy” scheme is organised via one of our Motorhome Hire Partners; their details are listed below.  Why not get in contact to see if your holiday dates are available.

  • The Motorhome Holiday Company offer a range of motorhomes, including a number of coachbuilt Adria Motorhomes. Email them at: [email protected] or call them on 0800 086 2000 
  • The Motorhome Travel Agency offer a range of motorhome, specialising in Sunlight motorhomes and they can also offered you tailored motorhome tours across Europe.  Email them at [email protected] or call them on 0117 937 2644

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