Preparing Your Motorhome For Winter

Time to Wrap Up for Winter?

Autumn is now certainly here with winter hot on it's heels, tempertures are dropping and the weather is closing in!  This time of year sees a lot of motorhomes laid up for the winter season.  If you already own a motorhome it's really important to winterise it, or prepare it for storage over winter, properly.  There are a number of checks and processes that you need to carry out including, draining all the water out of the unit to avoid frost damage .

Here are a selection of some of our top tips...

Completely Drain all the Fresh water

You can do this in a number of ways depending on the model and year of the motorhome; you will have either a bung in the bottom of the fresh water tank, External lever or fly wheel.  Once you have this in the open position then you will need to turn the water pump on and run the taps until the tank is empty.  Running the taps is important as it empties the water pipes as well as the water tank.  Make sure you switch the water pump off when completed and leave the taps OPEN to allow air expansion in the event of freezing air in the system.  Remember to hang the shower head below the taps - this will help it drain.

You must also drain down the grey water tank and leave the drain tap open. This is the waste water tank under the motorhome and you will have an external handle to open the tank.

Empty your Hot Water Heater

Always check with your handbook on the best way to do this but its important to drain it down as frozen water in the hot water heater can cause significant damage to the unit.

You may have a Truma frost valve which will trip automatically and cause the hot water tank to drain onto the ground under the motorhome when a specific temperature is reached. Or, your motorhome may have a manually operated valve. Either way you should make sure you can empty the hot water boiler.  If you have an ALDE wet water system the same process also applies.

Check your owners manual or seek professional advice if necessary. Ignoring this part can result in a cracked hot water boiler. Expensive.

Charge your batteries

Do this in the usual way by hooking up and charging or going for a good long drive. Better still, disconnect the chassis battery by the earth terminal and remove the leisure batteries completely from the motorhome and put them somewhere warm and connect them to an intelligent charger. If the batteries are not sealed units check the electrolyte levels and top-up if required. Again, seek professional help if need be.

Prop the Refridgerator and Freezer doors Open

Whether you have a fridge catch or not it is important to leave the door open a few centimetres as this will prevent mould growth and nasty smells forming. 

Lower Drop Down Beds

If your motorhome has a drop down bed it is important to lower it to ensure that air can move around to stop condensation building up over the winter.  If you leave the bed in contact with the roof over long periods of inactivity you will see mould and staining form on the mattress and roof lining.

Your Accessory Equipment Batteries

Remove all batteries from the smoke alarm, wall clock and CO alarm etc. Recycle them if you can or keep them for the new year.

Our advice would be that your motorhome, particularly if it is an Adria Motorhome, is fully equipped to be used all year round with great insulation, heating and heated tanks across the range.  The campsites are quiet and you can still find some sun if you want to travel into Southern Europe!

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch as we are happy to help


The Team @ Family Travel Centre

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