The Ebb and Flow of the Motorhome Market in the UK

The 2017 Season, how is it for you?

Now that the dust has settled on the NEC Motorhome Show for 2017 we thought it would be a good time to reflect on our experiences of the motorhome market in the UK. 

There have been a number of significant influences on the UK market this year and consumers are already feeling the impact.  

  1. The post Brexit fluctuation in the value of the Pound against the Euro has had a real effect on all motorhome manufacturers.  All the European manufacturers, including our own Adria and Sun Living, have all looked at significant price increases based on the value of the £ and the British Manufacturers are not immune either as the majority of their components are purchased from Europe.
  2. The growth within the UK market, and across Europe, has seen some significant pressures on production schedules from the manufacturers.  We have heard of manufacturers who went into the NEC Show this month with no production capacity at all for the 2017 Season.  Adria and Sun Living went into the show with a nearly full order book and have subsequently closed production for the season.
  3. The general uncertainty about Brexit and how it will effect our relationship with Europe and probably more specifically our freedom to travel across Europe has also seen a greater focus on the Staycation and motorhoming in general.

The NEC Motorhome Show was dominated by the above factors with Dealers and the Public both looking to secure their new motorhomes before the predicted price rises or production closure for the season.  The 98,000 people through the doors were certainly in a purchasing mood and manufacturers were all claiming strong sales for the show.  

So if you didn't manage to purchase your new motorhome at the NEC is that the end of your search for 2017 Season?  The short answer is NO!

Although the majority of companies have now closed their production for 2017 Season there are still models available to purchase through the Dealer Network.   At Family Travel Centre we are one of the largest Adria and Sun Living dealers in the UK and we have ensured that we have a wide range of stock available throughout the remainder of the Season.  The other benefit of us ordering stock in advance is that we are able to offer all our vehicles at a fixed price which protects us from future currency fluctuations and uncertainty.

We are sure that there are many twists and turn to come on Brexit and fluctuations in the currency values but, rest assured, there is still plenty of choice and availability of product if you do your research.  Why not check out our website or call our showroom (0117) 214 0004 to find out which Adria vehicles we have available. 





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