Does my Motorhome need Daytime Running Lights

We are being asked by our customers, on a regular basis, about the lack of Daytime Running Lights on the new 2014 motorhome ranges, how are the manufacturers getting around the EU regulations?

Well, after a bit of research and internet googling we can shed some light on the reasons for the current situation.  The confusion stems from the introduction of a couple of EU directives that impact the production of motorhomes across Europe.

The European Directive 76/656/EEC, and updated by 2008/89/EC, means that all base vehicles that received type approval after August 2012 must be fitted with Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

The key words in the EU Directives are “vehicles that received type approval after August 2012”.   These regulations apply to the base vehicle only and are not relevant to the motorhome manufacturer, let me explain:




The majority of motorhomes are built on the ever reliable Fiat Ducato X250, Euro 5 chassis.  This chassis was introduced to the market in early 2012, i.e. before the August 2012 European Directive deadline for mandatory Daytime Running Lights.

Fiat will be introducing a new motorhome chassis in the next couple of years, at which point Daytime Running Lights will be mandatory to include, until then they are not required on any Euro 5 chassis, or any previous model.

The same rules apply to all the motorhome chassis, Mercedes continue to use the Sprinter [Motorhomes Bristol]  chassis, the Peugeot Boxer chassis were all type approved prior to August 2012.  This year sees the introduction of a new Ford Transit chassis and the new Renault Master chassis all of which will see the introduction of Day Time Running Lights.


This time of year sees the introduction of the coming year’s motorhome model launches and you will continue to see motorhomes without Daytime Running Lights, this will be the case until the next generation of chassis are launched (and more importantly, type approved by the EU).

Some Manufacturers have decided to include Daytime Running Lights on their motorhomes, and this is fine, but they are not compelled to do it just yet, they are being included in advance of any changes or sometimes because they are aesthetically pleasing!

I hope this helps to give some context and explanation as to why we currently have a mix of motorhomes with, and without, Daytime Running Lights.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team if you wish to discuss anything about motorhomes, we would love to help you.


Matt, Matt & Andy

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