Diamond Brite

Diamond Brite Motorhome Protection

Caravanbrite by Diamondbrite is the ultimate paint and fabric protection for your motorhome, it means easier cleaning, no more polishing and no stained upholstery. The product also comes with a Guarantee that lasts as long as you own the motorhome. 

Family Travel Centre is an authorised Caravanbrite Dealer and our fully trained technicians ensure that you will get a professional service when having Caravanbrite applied to your motorhome.  When your Caravanbrite Treatment is completed Family Travel Centre will register your warranty and you will receive your complimentary Aftercare Pack to ensure you can keep you motorhome looking at its best for years to come! 

The cost of the Caravanbrite treatment for your motorhome is £599.00 for a Van Conversion or Single Axle motorhome or £799.00 for a Twin Axle motorhome.


Diamondbrite is a two stage process; the first stage cleans, prepares and adds the initial first stage waxes to the painted surface ready for the second stage application.


Stage 1 is a solvent based liquid, containing two different types of Wax.

This is a 2 step process. The first uses the Solvent to clean the paintwork of all contaminants, removing any airborne particles, dust, fallout and any pre-delivery wax residues that need to be removed before sealing the paintwork with the Diamondbrite protective film.

The second utilises the waxes to add the first stage of the protective coating. Stage 1 contains a blend of a hard wax with a high melting point that can withstand high ambient temperatures and also be highly polished to give a deep shine, with a soft hydrocarbon wax that has good lubrication properties to aid the application of the second stage.

Once applied, the coating is left to adhere to the painted surface, the high polarity waxes become bonded with the surface paintwork. The wax dries slightly giving an opaque look, but not becoming fully cured, and not being removed until after the second stage is applied.


Stage 2 is a blend of high percentage natural waxes and a high grade nanoceramic, to leaves a tough yet flexible coating.

This product is the concentrated part of the process. It is an O/W (Oil-in-water) emulsion containing the main part of the protective coating and is applied directly onto the semi-cured Stage 1. It combines with the Stage 1, and using polarity it adheres to the top surface of the paintwork.

As the Stage 2 is applied, the high grade Ceramic fills and covers all of the minute pits and troughs that are associated with paint finishes and also covers any other blemishes within the surface paintwork, blending it all together. The waxes then adhere to the surface, sealing the paintwork and leaving it slippery and smooth to the touch.

The finished surface offers Hydrophobic properties that repel everyday dirt & grime and also bead water spray and rain off quickly, with a highly reflective surface to guard against paint fade caused by Ultra Violet rays.

The concentrated blend of Carnauba waxes adheres to the paintwork, but also allows the protective coating to expand and contract, in-line with the ambient pressure and temperature. As Carnauba wax isn’t mineral based it is also more Eco-friendly.

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