Adria Customer Review – In Your Own Words

At Family Travel Centre we are always receiving postcards, letters and emails from our customers whilst they are on tour in their new motorhomes.  We received this lovely review from Brian and Kate who live on Guernsey and recently purchased their Adria Coral Supreme 690 SC from Family Travel Centre.  We thought it would be lovely to share their thoughts  and first impressions of their new motorhome.

Thanks to Brian and Kate for sharing their thoughts.

Adria Coral Supreme 690 SC by Brian Gabriel and Kate Moss


With the dreaded 70,s fast approaching and the implications of driving license restrictions, we felt that it was time for a new Lightweight Motorhome. Another factor was that we wish to travel on Condor Ferries high speed wave-piercers from our home in Guernsey to France and to the UK, however Condor are operating a strict weight limit of 3.5 tons for a fully loaded Motorhome on their fast ferries.  Our Mercedes Rapido 992M was well over the limit! We have enjoyed 4 great years touring France and Holland in relative luxury ,(a 3 litre automatic drive A class with many extras). We took the plunge and advertised our beloved Rapido with a Broker who found us 2 buyers at the price we wished, within 3 months! The deal was done and the Rapido shipped to the UK.


A good deal of sweating then followed. Would the broker pay up on time? What if the broker went bankrupt and the receivers kept our Motorhome? Did the new owner have the ready money? However all worked out as planned. Sighs of relief, and money in the bank. We were now in that wonderful position of being a cash buyer, with the words  DISCOUNT FOR CASH firmly imprinted on our minds!


We started the search for a new Lightweight Motorhome at the NEC show in October 2012 and were almost bewildered with the huge choice. Should we go down the Van route? or should we downsize  to a smaller Motorhome? We decided for various reasons on the latter…a smaller lightweight Motorhome with a decent payload and an Island bed if possible. Hymer Exsis seemed to tick all the boxes, but after viewing this model in the flesh, it did not appear to us to be very practical. We visited Premier Motorhomes to view at least another 10 Motorhomes, but nothing suited us. Aren’t we fussy? It was going to take something very special to replace our beloved Rapido.



“It was about then that Adria announced the new Coral range and after searching the brochures, (remember we live 100 miles away over the water) and after many emails Family Travel Centre of Bristol invited us for a viewing of the full Adria range. After our first look at the new Coral range , we knew that we had found our new baby! Why? Well at the risk of being accused of being an Adria salesman, here are some of our reasons why: Superb finish. Well built by a respected company with many outlets in Europe. A payload of 542 kilos. Low Profile. A large Island bed which slides in to give more floor space. A lounge that we could lounge comfortably in- harder to find than you might think. 5 travel seats. A kitchen with everything in the right place! Kate says ,obviously a woman’s touch! A shower that fitted me…I am not small!  Modernity…Touch lighting…usb…touch screen control panels. A large garage. A fair price . A 3 year Warranty.




We ordered our new Baby in October 2013, customised to our tastes, and waited in excitement. During the next few months we were constantly wondering if we had done the right thing, in downsizing from a 3 litre motor to a 2.3 litre, from having sleeping for 4 ,to sleeping for 3 persons, from owning an A class, to living in the slightly smaller Adria. However our anxiety soon vanished in March of this year when Family Travel Centre informed us that she was ready to view. She was beautiful, even Lee, the salesman, thought so as well as us. Having spent 2 hours with Andy explaining in detail where and why, everything worked. She then was delivered over the water to our small Island by one of the Directors of FTC, Matt Hunt who drove it to our door! He too enthused over this new Coral! The great service that we received from Family Travel Centre explains why they have been winners of the Adria Best Customer Service Award for the last 2 years. Family Travel Centre offered a competitive package on our motorhome of 3 years free servicing, 3 years habitation service, free Cat 1 alarm, free radio/cd/mp3 player, free leisure battery. All this reinforced our decision that we had indeed chosen the right Motorhome.


Naturally, we couldn’t  wait to try her out, and on the 16th April we embarked on our maiden trip to the south of France and to Spain, just in time to see the Spanish Grand Prix…a first for both of us!After 15 minutes driving, we both agreed that the low profile was easy to drive, being so stable. In the past we have tried to avoid high viaducts as I suffer from vertigo quite severely. Our map of France is covered with a highlight pen indicating the dreaded viaducts. However on encountering an unmarked viaduct we crossed it without too much bother. The same applied to the next few viaducts, no problem. We conclude that the stability and nearness to the road, made viaducts more manageable. But do not force me on to the Millau viaduct!



What a fabulous trip this was, seven weeks and 2000 miles was a great test for trying out our new Coral in all conditions, including 5 nights consecutive wild camping, with a violent rain storm thrown at us as well. We both concluded that this was our best trip ever thanks to the performance and comfort of our new Baby. We have recently returned home very satisfied with our choice of Motorhome and eagerly await our next journey.  The anxieties of downsizing were abolished by the beautifully practical details fitted in our Coral, which all worked very well, as well as looking great. The driving was superb, the low profile kept her rock steady on the road and the 148hp Comformatic drive was easily man enough to travel quietly at 2000 revs and 65mph. The Alde central heating was a joy when we encountered cold mornings,  walking barefoot on the floor  was great since the radiators went underneath all floors. We were very cosy lounging about on the occasional cold evening with the warmth radiating around us. All in all, we discovered that downsizing does not mean downgrading!


Yes we LOVE our new baby!”

Family Travel Centre offers families and friends a way to make the most of their leisure time, through the freedom and fun of getting on the road and discovering the great outdoors together.  The award winning dealership is run by families for families with its outdoor and indoor showroom based on a 2 acre site in Brislington, South Bristol .  Family Travel Centre won Adria’s ‘Customer Service Dealer of the Year 2012’ and now again in 2013, and offers a full range of new and pre-owned vehicles including Laika, Sunlight, Adria and Globecar motorhomes, a specialist retail shop packed with accessories, and a professional on site workshop, with Dethleff and Hobby Service Centre status for any servicing or maintenance requirements.  Family Travel Centre gained ‘Premium Dealer’ status during 2012 for its in depth Adria product knowledge and five star customer service.  It is also one of three Adria Twin GT authorised dealers in the UK.



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